Pre-conception Check-up

Pre-conception Check-up

For a wide range of reasons, several couples have difficulties in conceiving a child in the current generation. While this may not always be linked to fertility issues, lack of awareness, and other factors might be playing a role in the same. Thus, is highly advisable for couples to undergo a preconception counselling which not only helps conceive a child but also aids the planning required for a family.

Also, given the unhealthy lifestyle patterns of our times, there is a possibility that conception may be hampered due to unknown, or unascertained lifestyle issues which will require appropriate diagnosis and advise. To ascertain all of these it is important to undergo a pre-conception check-up for both the partners to improve their chances of conceiving and eventually having a healthy child & family life.

Investigations Undertaken During Preconception Check-up:

  • Medical & surgical profile
  • Ob/gyn history
  • Physical examination
  • Blood work
  • Cardiovascular check
  • Semen analysis
  • Gynecology examination

Expected Outcome of a Preconception Check-up:

A preconception check-up is likely to identify possible challenges for the couple as they try to have a baby. These could include:

  • Fertility issues
  • Conception challenges
  • Underlying health issues that will make it difficult for the mother to hold the pregnancy.
  • Factors that may hamper the pregnancy term, or childbirth
  • Emotional & psychological readiness for pregnancy & parenthood.

Couples that undergo a comprehensive preconception counselling are more likely to conceive naturally, but also have improved confidence to take on the rigors of pregnancy and parenting better. Given that the preconception counselling will help ascertain or identify possible infertility issues, these are be addressed at a much earlier stage than otherwise.

Also, pregnancy & parenthood is as much of a psychological exercise, as it is a physical one. And it has just as much of a role for the male partner as it does for the female one. Being able to understand these nuances and appreciate the challenges & opportunities to come are all covered under preconception counselling.