Pregnancy is a whirlwind of emotions, a torrent of excitement and so much more. Pregnancy changes your whole outlook towards life, especially if it’s for the first time. Cravings, sleepless nights, questions galore – all of these are just a normal parts of pregnancy. Even if they might seem different from the usual lifestyle.

If you have a pre-existing health condition – diabetes, hypertension, obesity, etc., they further add to your stress and thereby make pregnancy, appear contrary to normal. An increasing trend of couples having to conceive via assisted methods is further increasing concerns.

During the Course of Pregnancy

Investigations Undertaken During Preconception Check-up:

  • Eat Well
  • Rest Well
  • Prepare Well
  • Follow Doctor’s Advice
  • Look Forward to Parenthood
Lifestyle Factors during Pregnancy

Given the unhealthy nature of modern lifestyle, all pregnant women do need an experienced helping hand to make pregnancy normal; and assure them that all the changes, emotions & anxiety is perfectly normal.

From conception to childbirth, pregnancy is an experience of life like no other. The 9 months of the term are both to be savoured as well as to be used as a preparatory phase for the life-long job of being a parent. Many changes are to be expected and embraced; and a few contingencies being completely normal. If you think normal, you’re most likely to find everything normal.

Planning Your Pregnancy

Being well planned helps you minimize and mitigate a lot of inherent risks involved with pregnancy. And in cases where it is impossible to eliminate the risk, it helps you become better at dealing with contingencies. Overall, preparation and planning help you have a more enjoyable, enriching pregnancy experience.

Despite increased education, awareness & information with regard to pregnancy and its implications is still at a lower level amongst a lot of young couples. This lack of awareness can result in increased risk factors, delayed conception and possible miscarriages – all of which can be avoided with pre-conception counselling and planning.

Couples ought to speak to an expert gynecologist and obstetrician to plan their pregnancy. The gynecologist will undertake a thorough examination of both to-be parents and suggest any changes to their lifestyle that can increase the risk before, during or after the pregnancy. These changes could include – weight reduction, diet modification, work-life balance, regulating or abstinence from certain habits and so on.